As you may know, my car was recently broken into while at a show (D.R.I. on May 14, 2011). My 17 inch MacBook Pro along with my ipod touch and gps were all stolen from me. My car insurance isn't covering anything, including fixing the door and replacing the window that was broken. This means I have to spend around $3,500 or so to fix and replace everything. My good friend Michelle (Nice Guy Booking) is putting together a fundraiser show for me on June 4 at the Championship Bar in Trenton. I know a lot of friends have said they aren't able to make it but would still like to help out, and that's why I'm putting up this page. If you would like to contribute, thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot! If you aren't able to, that's ok too.

Click here for the link for the Fundraiser show